What is Your2talk Cloud PBX portal

Your2talk Cloud PBX portal is place to go to manage all aspects of your Your2talk Cloud PBX account including:

2talk Cloud PBX: Manage all aspects of Inbound and Outbound calling, Advanced features like Call Recording and Conferencing, and Preferences to set Auto top-up, Extension Dialing and configuring SIP Peering.

Support Tickets: Raise a support ticket for all queries and technical issues.

2talk Cloud PBX Account Details: Manage settings for your account details, billing emails, notification settings and more.

Add Account Credit: Use your credit card or bPay to top-up and keep your account in credit and your 2talk Cloud PBX hosted cloud PBX service active. You can also access our auto account top-up feature here.

Plans and Services: Change your plan types, add new numbers to adjust for seasonality or growth in your business.

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