Voicemail Service

2talk Cloud PBX Voicemail puts you in control of setting up and accessing your messages from anywhere. Our standard voicemail features include personal recordings for BUSY and UNAVAILABLE, save, delete, forward and the ability to deliver via email and use SMS for notifications (charges apply).

 Login to CloudPBX Portal

  1. Log into 2talk Cloud PBX
  2. CloudPBX > Select hyperlink DID (eg 61289707500)
  3. Inbound Calls > Voicemail Service

Recording your VM

  1. Click to Record: Click either the UNAVAILABLE or BUSY functions and enter your phone number. 2talk Cloud PBX will phone you back and prompt you to record your message. Once you have recorded your voicemail, follow the prompts to confirm the message or start afresh. You will need credit on your account to record your message.
  2. Media Upload: For higher quality recordings for Voicemail UNAVAILABLE or BUSY (as well as Auto Attendant, Music on Hold, and Caller Tunes) you can upload your MP3 recordings using 2talk Cloud PBX | Media feature.

We have a maximum file size of 400kb per VoiceMail. For larger voicemails we recommend dropping the the recording rate to 256kb (any reduction in quality will be indecipherable to the incoming callers).

VM Access and Delivery

  1. Accessing your Voicemail box: You can access your own inbox by dialling *55.
  2. Voicemail PIN number: To access to your voicemail from phone not directly linked to your message box requires a PIN code (see Voicemail PIN number). To access that box enter *55 at any time during the message. You will be greeted by the message……”please enter your password followed by the # key”
  3. Trusted Callers: Create a trusted caller number list to avoid the extra step of entering a Voicemail PIN code. To access that box enter *55 at any time during the message. Because your number is on the Trusted callers list you will not be challenged for a PIN code.
  4. Call Diversion Timer: Sets the seconds to wait before diverting to voicemail or forwarding.
  5. Email: Enter the email address where you want your voicemail messages delivered.
  6. SMS: Send and SMS alerts to let you know you have a new voicemail. Note each SMS will cost 20 cents.
  7. From a 2talk Cloud PBX Phone: Dial *55 from your 2talk Cloud PBX phone to access your personal mailbox.

Feature Keys

  • 4 – previous message
  • 5 – Repeat
  • 6 – Play next message
  • 7 – Delete
  • 8 – Forward
  • 9 – SAVE
  • Voicemail Star Access: Dial your own 2talk Cloud PBX number from any phone and wait for it to go to voicemail then press  *55  and you will be prompted for your PIN code (this must already be setup) followed by # to access your mailbox messages as normal. You can also setup calling numbers as trusted callers to avoid having to enter a PIN number.
  • From 2talk Cloud PBX: You can check your new voicemails by simply logging into 2talk Cloud PBX and clicking on the messages tab. (You cannot setup prompts etc. using the web interface however).
  • From email: You can login to 2talk Cloud PBX and under voicemail settings setup an email address to forward all voicemail messages onto. For the technically minded Subscribers you can also connect to our IMAP server (imap.2talk Cloud PBX.com.au) and check your voicemail directly from your email client such as Outlook.

Disable Voicemail

Disable Voicemail

  1. Log into 2talk Cloud PBX
  2. Select CloudPBX > Inbound Calls Voicemail Service
  3. Click the checkbox Turn off your Voicemail call diversions

Managing Voicemail Video

Managing After hours Voicemail

To setup an after hours Voicemail you will need to configure a Call Forward and secondly your Time Schedules to define your office work hours.

For more information on configuring your after hours voicemail see Call Forwarding – Step 2.

Global Access Number

Use the 61289608800 Global Access Number to retrieve the voicemail messages of any phone number on your account from any phone anywhere in the world. To access this feature configure the Voicemail PIN your voicemail and you’re good to go.

How To

  1. Set a PIN against your Voicemail number
  2. Dial 61289608800
  3. Enter your 2talk number including country and area code (e.g. 612)
  4. Pin: enter your VM pin

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