Voice Quality & Network

Voice quality allows you to set perimeters for your calling quality.

Quick Guide

  1. Log onto 2talk Cloud PBX.
  2. Select CloudPBX > Phone number > Preferences > Voice and Quality.
  3. Set preferences
  4. Set Codecs (recommended SysAdmins only)
  5. Set DTMF (recommended SysAdmins only)
  6. Click Save settings to update.

There is also the ability to specify the codecs you wish to support. 2talk Cloud PBX offers :

  • G.711 a-law codec supported (Excellent quality)
  • G.711 u-law codec supported (Excellent quality)
  • G.722 wideband codec supported (The best quality)
  • GSM codec supported (Good quality)
  • iLBC codec supported- MUST be 30ms/13.33kbps variant (Good quality)
  • G.729 codec supported (Good quality)
  • H.263 video codec supported
  • H.264 video codec supported

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