Shared Line

 An example of the business problem shared line resolves is where a staff member needs to manage her own calls between a number of different phones, say a office phone, a softphone client and perhaps a home desk phone. Shared Line links up to five additional devices to the Shared line primary number.

Quick Guide

Step 1: Enable Shared Line

  1. Log into 2talk Cloud PBX > select number you wish to set up Shared Line.
  2. Select CloudPBX > Inbound CallsShared Line.
  3. Click Enable Shared Line Appearance.
  4. Click Save Settings to update.

How they work

When you enable the Shared Line feature we hyphenate the 2nd, 3rd & 4th in the following format: xx xxxx xxxx-1. For example, if you primary Shared Line is 61289707500 the second “shared line” DID would be 61289707500-1, then 61289707500-2 up to a maximum of 5.

On your second device, you would register 61289707500-1 as your DID reusing the same password registered against 61289707500.

Step 2: Set Simultaneous Ring

  • Select CloudPBX > Inbound Calls > Simultaneous Ring
  • Enable the required numbers
  • Set the Ring this number: During Work Hrs / After Work Hrs / During Avaiable Hours
  • Set the calling delay

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