Room4 Web Conferencing

Web conferencing lets you meet in real time with anyone, anywhere. Room4 combines desktop sharing through a web browser, so everyone sees the same thing while you talk. Letting you collaborate in real time, by using the annotations tools to mark up slides during the meeting.

And the great thing about Room4 is that its is provided at no extra cost to your standard monthly bill.

Quick Guide

Step 1: How to start a Room4 Conference call

  1. Log in to2talk Cloud PBX > select number you wish to set up conference call on.
  2. Select 2talk Cloud PBX > Web Conferencing.
  3. Click Start conference now as a moderator.

Step 2: Conference Moderator

The Room4 conference moderator will own and manage all parts of the conference. Including inviting conference attendees and ultimately managing the conference itself.

Step 3: Conference Invitee

Room4 will manage all invitees to the call, where they can group or privately chat with other invitees of the call. During the call all members of the call are able to view the presenters slides, and view the interaction as the presenters annotates the slides through out the presentation.

Terms and Conditions

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