Media – Audio and Greetings

We allow you to upload your own customised media for Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Music on hold, Ring back tone and Caller Tunes using the Media upload feature.

Media formats

  • MP3 Only: We only support MP3 media so if your media is in a WAV format you will need to convert into an MP3.
  • File size: If you find your Voicemail message is immediately hanging you may need to check the file size of the media. Your media should under 41,000 Hz 96k with a file size less than 1.5 MB.

Record Voicemail

  1. Log into 2talk Cloud PBX.
  2. From the horizontal menu select CloudPBX.
  3. Line Number Select | select hyperlink under required line
  4. Select Media tool

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