Make the Switch to Your2talk Cloud PBX VoIP

Of course cost is important, but like most services there’s more to it than just price, things to consider when making the switch to Your2talk Cloud PBX.

  • Carriage costs: Both Optus and Telstra continue to increase subscriber carriage costs. A “Telstra Premier” Landline to mobile is now 45cents flag fall & 36 cents per minute versus our highest rate of 16.5cents with no flag fall with Premier National landline of 22cents local (untimed) and a whopping 80cents national verses our 10cents untimed and no connect fees.
  • Line access costs: ISDN is perhaps the most expensive part of Australian SME telecoms bill. With ISDN 10 Premium service now priced at $350 per month our equivalent Metro Voice dedicated starts at $89 per month including a 24×7 proactive monitored Cisco router.
  • Hosted Voice: On our service there’s more that 80 features including VoiceMail, IVR, Call Recording, fax services and the ability to control all aspects of the service through our Portal. Speak to us about new Agent and Queuing, as well our new TLS security support for Microsoft Lync both of which are supplied at no extra cost to all subscribers.
  • Support: All our operations people are technical, speak English and are available 8:30am-6:00pm Monday through Friday.

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