Configuring an IP phone to 2talk Cloud PBX business VoIP

Overview – Passwords

We support two mechanisms of connecting to our service, Registration and secondly SIP Peering. If connecting via Registration your handset or phone system requires a UserName (the phone number) and Password to authenticate to our network.

  • Account Password: You can if you choose re-use your account password as a global password for all your registered handsets.
  • Restricted Lines: by Restrict Line you are setting a password against each phone number.

Quick Guide

Step 1: CloudPBX Portal

  1. Log into 2talk Cloud PBX
  2. CloudPBX > Line Number Select
  3. Edit Number: Set focus area within the number to enable “Edit”
  4. Restrict Line: Restricting a line enables you to set a password against a line
  5. Supply Password
  6. Navigate to bottom of page: SAVE

Step 2: Configure your phone

We recommend using your phones Web UI to set the details below

  • Account DID: [see Welcome email]
  • Password: ********
  • Proxy:
  • Ports: 5060

See also Cisco, Polycom, Yealink and soft-phone.

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