Configuring International DIDs

If you have purchased a NZ, US or UK DID through your Service Provider you can use Call Forwarding to redirect to an Australian DID or alternately register the DID to make outgoing calls through the overseas DID.

Quick Guide

Configuring an International DID

  • To redirect an international number to an Australian number see Call Forwarding.
  • To register an Australian DID to make calls through an overseas DID see Outbound trunking.

Helpful tips

  • Number format: Copy the format of the number displayed for example NZ 092804655.
  • Password: Use main account password or alternately line password if restricted.
  • Proxy:
  • Call forwarding charges: Local calls made to those numbers using a Call forward back to on-net DID’s are treated as on-net and are therefore free of charge.
  • Outgoing calls charges: Calls made from your overseas numbers attract an international phone surcharge.

Call Charges

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