Call Queuing

How about using an Auto Attendant to play your greeting, redirect to a Call Queue below on a single number.

Quick Guide

  1. Log into 2talk Cloud PBX > select the number you want to use Call Queuing with.
  2. Select Cloud PBX > Inbound Calls > Call Queuing
  3. Click Call Queuing to Enabled.
  4. Select agents to be connected to call.
  5. Click Save settings to update.
Call Queuing for 2talk Cloud PBX


  • Maximum Queue Length: Number of callers permitted in the queue (0 means unlimited).
  • Agent Timeout: Number of seconds agent phone ring before it is considered a timeout.
  • Retry timer: Seconds to wait before retrying an agent again.
  • Wrap-up Time: How many seconds after a successful call to wait before allowing an incoming call to that agent.
  • Queue Position Announcement: Frequency of queue position announcement and/or estimated hold-time (Specify 0 to disable).
  • Periodic Announcement Frequency: How often to play the ‘Thank you for holding’ message (Specify 0 to turn these announcements off).
  • Queue Timeout: Number of seconds a caller can remain in queue (0 for no time limit). NB – see call flow priority.
  • Queue Timeout: Seconds a caller be left in the queue (0 for no time limit).

Call Flow Priority

Ranked 6th in the Call Flow Priority list Call Queuing and therefore supports Post Dialling to Call Forward and Voicemail. For example you could set a two minute post dial on the Call Queue to Call Forward or Voicemail if you wanted to avoid holding customers indefinitely in the Call Queue.

Music on hold

You can swap out our default Call Queue music on hold with your own recorded message using our music on hold feature.

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