Billing feed

  • Summary: Accessing call recordings.
  • Detail: 2talk Cloud PBX “Calls Records” are accessible from the moment of call completion and are available from two portals. 2talk Cloud PBX a real time billing feed for third party developers re-billing 2talk Cloud PBX services on behalf of their own customer base.

2talk Cloud PBX Portal

All billing, voice functionality, numbers management and connectivity options are managed from the 2talk Cloud PBX portal. Within the Call Records section subscribers can view by day, line number and Call Type plus across the previous 12 months call activity.

If enabled, Call Records are discoverable as MP3 from within the Call Record interface.

Live API billing

2talk Cloud PBX provide developers with a programmatic assess to retrieve CDR via a simple API (HTTP GET). The following URL and formatting provides access to the live billing fee.

  1. Account: 2talk Cloud PBX account number
  2. Password: 2talk Cloud PBX account password
  3. FromID: tells the system from which id you wish to fetch rows (including that ID)

Call Types

Type Sub Type Description

Inbound Calls

2T 2T On-net calls
L LO Local Overage
IM INM TollFree Inbound Mobile
0 0 Pin Blocked Calls
A3 A3 AU 6113 Inbound Nat
A8 A8 Inbound AU 6118
U0 U0 Inbound UK 4480
U1 U1 Inbound US 18xx
3M 3M AU 6113 Inbound Mob
9 9 0900 Calls
I I International Calls
IS IN8 TollFree Inbound
M M Calls to Mobile
L L Local Calls
S S National Calls
8 8 Toll free calls
O O Operator Calls
M MG Calls to Mobile GSM
M M3 Calls to Mobile 3G
IF IF Inbound Forwarded

Sample Output

The attached CSV contains a sample output of a live customer bill.

For more information contact or call 1800150 686

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