Supported calls on 2talk Cloud PBX

Supported calls on CloudPBX are the following: 000 emergency calls, and are free to call. 13 or 1300 numbers, and are charged at $0.30 per call. 18 or 1800 numbers, and a free to call. Direct Assistance, calls are free to this service Call Connect, calls to Telstra's Call Connect

Connect a Call

In 2talk Cloud PBX you are able to connect a call from any of the numbers within your account. Quick Guide Log into 2talk Cloud PBX. Select CloudPBX > select the number you want to make the call from . Select Call. Add the number you wish to make the call from (must be in your account). Add the number you

Reception Console

The reception console shows all the lines on your account and  whether or not they are logged in and active on your account. Quick Guide Log into 2talk Cloud PBX Select CloudPBX > Reception Console Click Show logged-in numbers only to view only numbers that are logged in.  


Why is it a problem ? SIP ALG generally affects incoming calls only. If you're users are reporting ringing with no voice on answer you've probably encountered a SIP ALG issue on your router (for more information see disabling SIP ALG). You'll need to access the router to disable SIP ALG. If


NAT can interfere with SIP and RTP by changing the ports on the way through. To counter we enable NAT traversal by default therefore communicating directly to the port that sent us the original RTP traffic (instead of sending back to the RTP port in the SIP message). For SIP

Understanding your Bill

Our billing system automatically charges your account on the first day of your bill anniversary. For example, if you first subscribed on the 3rd June then your bill anniversary is the 3rd day of each month thereafter. Because we are a prepaid service subscribers will need to ensure the account has sufficient account balance

Media – Audio and Greetings

We allow you to upload your own customised media for Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Music on hold, Ring back tone and Caller Tunes using the Media upload feature. Media formats MP3 Only: We only support MP3 media so if your media is in a WAV format you will need to convert into an MP3. File size:

Account Notification Settings

 Our Account notification feature helps you keep on top of your accounts balances with a variety of low account credit notifications. Customise your individual thresholds such as minutes remaining, dollars remaining. Quick Guide Log into 2talk Cloud PBX. Click Enable low credit warning emails, if you wish to enable this function. Add Notification

Automatic Top Up Account

Setting up auto top up functions gives you the ability to have control over your billing account. Using 2talk Cloud PBX you have four functions that you can enable to make sure you are always on top of your account. Top Up settings: You can have your account automatically toped up when your balance drops

Store Credit Card

 Store your credit card information within Your CloudPBX to make topping up your account easier. By doing this you can also set up the auto top up settings. Quick Guide Log into 2talk Cloud PBX. Select Account > Manage Billing. Add in your Credit Card details. Click Save to update and store securely your